Thursday, December 6, 2012

small things

I try to make mental notes of all the small things. Those things that may slip by without recognition.  The thing is though I don't want to forget them.  And perhaps, writing this blog post is an effort to remember.  Standing side by side washing dishes, christmas music playing, laughing, that's what I want to remember.  There are moments when your heart feels so full and this was one of them.

It was a long day. Needless to say, my nose would not cooperate and neither would our students.  Home was a welcome place where I sipped hot tea.  Where I watched you and Max play outside and then you climb in a tree and bark at him.  He was so confused and I was laughing.

There are so many things I let slip by.  I didn't want today to go unnoticed.

What small things are you grateful for?

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